February Shows 2.1
This month, catch Gordon at The Daisy, Macao, Bathtub Gin, and Hot Rhythm Holiday in Austin. Details at Shows.

Year-End 12.1
In December, Gordon tours Israel with the Dennis Lichtman Quintet, plays the Midtown Stomp swing dance in CA, and performs again at the renowned dance conference Lindy Focus in NC. Details at Shows.

October Shows10.1
This month: swing events in Nashville and Richmond, a jazz festival in Pismo Beach with the Au Brothers, Dandy Wellington at Hotel Chantelle and elsewhere, the Mona’s jam session, and more! Details at Shows.

Mid-September Shows9.10
This week: Dandy Wellington at Hotel Chantelle, the Grand St. Stompers with Molly Ryan at Radegast, and the Dave Bromberg Big Band at Tarrytown Music Hall—details at Shows.

Late August Shows8.29
This week, Gordon plays Hotel Chantelle, and leads the Grand St. Stompers at Radegast! Friday, he will head to Camp Hollywood in LA to play with Mint Julep Jazz Band, the Jonathan Stout Orchestra, and Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders—details at Shows.

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