Vegas Residency and More… 3.1
In March, catch Gordon playing two runs of shows at the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas, and then back at the Red Pavilion, Frim Fram Jam, and elsewhere in NYC. Details at Shows.

Swing Dance, Rhapsody in Blue, Mardi Gras… 2.1
Lots of exciting shows this month, including the Grand St. Stompers Swing Octet, the Centennial of Rhapsody in Blue, the Red Pavilion, Mardi Gras, the Mona’s hot jazz jam, the Back Room speakeasy, and more. Details at Shows.

New Year Shows 1.1
Coming in January: Old Shanghai Jazz and Taboo shows at the Red Pavilion, 4 nights of California Balboa Classic in LA, Lizzy & the Triggerman in Arizona, jazz brunches, and more. Details at Shows.

December 12.1
This month, Gordon’s popular Louis Armstrong All-Stars tribute project returns to Lindy Focus, the Au Brothers play Sacramento shows, the NYC Vintage Train is back, catch the final Red Pavilion shows of the years, and more! Details at Shows.

November 11.1
Catch Gordon joining Lizzy & the Triggermen in LA, San Diego, and Seattle; and back in NYC playing Old Shanghai Jazz and Taboo Jazz shows at the Red Pavilion, jazz brunches, and more… Details at Shows.

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