“Camp Hollywood is one of the largest and longest running swing dance camps in the world. Now in its 22nd year, we’re proud to offer the finest selection of international dance instructors, live music and competitors which provide a fun-filled long weekend with something for everyone! We offer classes in Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, and various swing line dances in levels from Beginner to Advanced Plus, a Follows Track, a Music Track, dance contests for all levels, after hours dancing, live music jams all over the hotel, and lots of spontaneous shenanigans!”
“The Hot Sardines are mischief-makers of hot jazz who started out playing underground neo-speakeasies of Brooklyn. The eight-piece ensemble has toured more than 250 cities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. They’ve hit #1 on iTunes Jazz, spent more than a year on the Billboard charts, and racked up 20 million streams from fans in over 90 countries. Their new album, Welcome Home, Bon Voyage, captures the group in two live settings: New York City’s Joe’s Pub, and Toronto’s Koerner Hall. The Hot Sardines are, as The Times of London describes, “simply phenomenal.” (5% City of Santa Cruz Admission Tax included, service charge not included)”
“Fueled by the belief that classic jazz feeds the heart and soul, The Hot Sardines are on a mission to make old sounds new again and prove that joyful music can bring people together in a disconnected world. In the talented hands of the New York-based ensemble, music first made famous decades ago comes alive through their brassy horn arrangements, rollicking piano melodies, and vocals from a chanteuse who transports listeners to a different era with the mere lilt of her voice.”
“To elevate our JAX harvest celebration, we are thrilled to announce an outdoor live jazz concert featuring renowned "Hot Sardines" recruited from New York City. This 8-member band will perform on our vineyard lawn with panoramic views of the Jax Estate vineyard. Hailed as "the charismatic front runners of vintage jazz," the Hot Sardines play vintage music for today's generation.”
“Suzanne Roche proudly presents a celebration of jazz and community featuring the world-renowned Hot Sardines. The event is in support of Annie Oliva as a candidate for the California State Senate.”
“Lindy on the Rocks is all about the granddaddy of all swing dances, the Lindy Hop, although you will find other vintage dances mixed in as well. Lindy Hop can be danced slowly or very fast (when you’re ready). Our event provides high-quality instruction from the most talented swing dancers in the world. You can look forward to classes for all levels, live swing music, and plenty of social dancing.”
“The 2019–2020 season opens with an evening of sensational entertainment by this hot New York-based jazz ensemble group known for their brassy horn arrangements, rip-roaring piano tunes, and smoky vocals. ‘The charismatic front-runners of vintage jazz’ (The Guardian), The Hot Sardines whisk you back to the days of Parisian cabarets, French Quarter jazz clubs, and Harlem speakeasies as they channel the music and the style of the Jazz Age while adding their own distinct contemporary verve. Bandleader and pianist Evan Palazzo and lead singer Elizabeth Bougerol met in 2007 at a jazz jam session and bonded over their love for Fats Waller and other greats like Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong, and Billie Holiday.”
“Join us September 28, 2019 for a dance in Glen Echo’s historic Spanish Ballroom!” With the Grand St. Stompers Swing Octet (Molly Ryan, Gordon Au, Matt Koza, Ricky Alexander, Joe McDonough, Glenn Crytzer, Rob Adkins, and Rob Garcia), DJ Michael Quisao, and a free Charleston beginner lesson at 8PM with David Lee and Annabel Quisao.
“Dandy Wellington invites you to join his band in their best monthly residency, at NYC’s best kept secret, Bathtub Gin!! Provide your name and enter a beautiful parlor, where cocktails are crafted for a crowd of natty merrymakers. Tap your feet to the sweet symphonic sounds of Dandy Wellington and His Band.”
“We’re here to bring you the best in partnership - the partnership between dancers and live music, the partnership between song form and flow of movement, the partnership between dancers and their dance partners, and the way all of these come together to create a perfect dance. In a world where emphasis is put on steps and technique in movement, we want to remind you how to bring it back to the original roots of moving to and with the music you dance alongside.”
With a live recording by Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders! “Jammin’ on the James is Richmond's longest running dance event, with multi-leveled workshops, unique competitions, and live music.”
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