“The Swing Remix Saga continues into WINTER 2019 Season. Live Music featuring Gordon Au & The Grand St. Stompers Swing Octet, Showcases by our instructors, Vintage Market and lots of Social floor time.” With swing & lindy workshops beforehand.
Tamar Korn & a Kornucopia
St. Mazie (Williamsburg)
10PM–12:30AM, no cover
“On the main floor you’ll find live music, a delicious bar menu, oysters and cocktails. You can lounge in the overgrown garden out back, or head to the cellar for the Supper Club experience, serving a full menu of upscale comfort food, or head down for a late night subterranean drink.”
📷 Emily Martin
“Dandy Wellington present: THE SOUTH SEA SOIREE / A Night of Jazz, Burlesque & Seduction. With LIVE MUSIC BY: DANDY WELLINGTON AND HIS BAND + SIZZLING BURLESQUE.”
📷 Mirco Pasqualini
Mona’s Hot Four
Mona’s (East Village)
10PM~3AM, no cover
“Mona's Hot Four's weekly Tuesday night gig is the best-kept open secret in New York's thriving old-time jazz scene. Since June of 2007, the band (led by Dennis Lichtman) has hosted a late-night, trad-jazz jam session at Mona's bar in Manhattan's East Village from Tuesday night into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.” With Gordon Au, Jesse Gelber, Nick Russo, and TBA.
📷 Aidan Grant
“DCLX brings the best live swing-era jazz music to the DC region. Come dance with us!”
“DCLX brings the best live swing-era jazz music to the DC region. Come dance with us!”
“Dandy Wellington invites you to join his band in their best monthly residency, at NYC’s best kept secret, Bathtub Gin!! Provide your name and enter a beautiful parlor, where cocktails are crafted for a crowd of natty merrymakers. Tap your feet to the sweet symphonic sounds of Dandy Wellington and His Band.”
“Get ready for a week in New York City worth writing home about: Part workshop, part exchange, all balboa! NYC’s various dance organizers are excited to welcome you to their venues for a bal-focused week of social dancing and workshops around the city. We also have a fantastic lineup of instructors teaching workshops Tuesday through Sunday!”
Featuring four days of over 30 bands on eight stages, more than 100 sets of live music, historic venues, dance floors, free shuttles, and more! *Including two sets of Swing Composers Special, co-led by Gordon Au.
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