“The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and Prohibition Productions proudly present our fourth annual epic battle of the big bands and swing dance on the flight deck of the historic aircraft carrier Intrepid. This highly anticipated one-night-only annual event celebrates the music, dancing and style of the swing era aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid—commissioned at the height of this era in 1943!”
“A place to celebrate Balboa and Bal-swing! The All Balboa Weekend began in 2001 and was the first event dedicated solely to Balboa. Over three days and four nights we honor the creators, innovators, technicians, mentors, cheerleaders, and enthusiasts of Balboa. We have over 10,000 square feet of dance floor in a beautiful and conveniently located hotel so that you may maximize both your dance time and your downtime. We offer instruction from some of the very best Balboa teachers in the world. We bring in the most well loved swing bands in the US. We have a team of stellar DJs that spans the globe. We only stop the night time dancing when the last dancers leave the floor. One of the biggest and best Balboa competitions that some of your favorite Bal dancers, and maybe even you, hope to win.”
“Dandy Wellington invites you to join his band in their best monthly residency, at NYC’s best kept secret, Bathtub Gin!! Provide your name and enter a beautiful parlor, where cocktails are crafted for a crowd of natty merrymakers. Tap your feet to the sweet symphonic sounds of Dandy Wellington and His Band.”
Canceled due to weather
“Inspired by the Big Band Era of Jazz, Dandy Wellington and his Band have taken the sounds of the 1930s and 40s and created a world of well-dressed music. With a passion for obscure songs steeped in the Jazz tradition, Dandy Wellington has assembled a catalog of music that invokes the golden age of cinema and the bounce of New Orleans. Dance lessons are at 6:30PM; the band starts at 7PM. In case of rain, the event will be held on Wednesday, June 19.”
Mona’s Hot Four
Mona’s (East Village)
11PM~3AM, no cover
“Mona's Hot Four's weekly Tuesday night gig is the best-kept open secret in New York's thriving old-time jazz scene. Since June of 2007, the band (led by Dennis Lichtman) has hosted a late-night, trad-jazz jam session at Mona's bar in Manhattan's East Village from Tuesday night into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.” With Gordon Au, Jesse Gelber, Nick Russo, and TBA.
📷 Aidan Grant
The Speakeasy Sessions with Dandy Wellington and His Band, every Thursday at the Daisy.
“Clarinetist/bandleader Dennis Lichtman and vocalist Tamar Korn, central figures in the revival of early jazz that has taken root in New York City over the last few decades—present traditional New Orleans jazz and swing. Dance lessons are at 6:30PM; the band starts at 7PM. In case of rain, the event will be held on Wednesday, June 26.”
“Join us for DC’s new balboa weekend over 4th of July weekend!”
“Join the WeBop Family Band this summer as they bring the joyful jazz of New Orleans to New York City! Audiences young and old will parade in a New Orleans ‘second line,’ dance to the funky beats of Buddy Bolden, let the good times roll with the music of Jelly Roll Morton, scat sing like Louis Armstrong, and much more. Laissez les bon temps rouler These concerts are appropriate for children 8-months to 8-years and are 45 minutes in length. Non-walking babies do not need a ticket for this show.”
“This July, we present Jeju Swing Camp: Color Mix. This year’s event will feature a feast of colors from the dynamic performances by our bands showcasing a variety of musical styles as well as the sights and scenery of Jeju. Performances that will make swing dancers and music aficionados alike fall in love include Gordon Webster Band, Michael Gamble, organizer of the famed Lindy Focus event and, for their first Asian show, his band Michael Gamble & Rhythm Serenaders who have performed at such events as ILHC, All Balboa Weekend, and Camp Hollywood.”
“We’re a weekend Balboa workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, home of NASA’s Space Camp and Rocket City USA, dedicated to the preservation of the vintage swing dance known as Balboa. We think that Balboa is just about the best thing since the Jetsons and our goal is to help spread our joy for the dance, to infinity, and beyond!”
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