“This July, we present Jeju Swing Camp: Color Mix. This year’s event will feature a feast of colors from the dynamic performances by our bands showcasing a variety of musical styles as well as the sights and scenery of Jeju. Performances that will make swing dancers and music aficionados alike fall in love include Gordon Webster Band, Michael Gamble, organizer of the famed Lindy Focus event and, for their first Asian show, his band Michael Gamble & Rhythm Serenaders who have performed at such events as ILHC, All Balboa Weekend, and Camp Hollywood.”
“We’re a weekend Balboa workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, home of NASA’s Space Camp and Rocket City USA, dedicated to the preservation of the vintage swing dance known as Balboa. We think that Balboa is just about the best thing since the Jetsons and our goal is to help spread our joy for the dance, to infinity, and beyond!”
The Speakeasy Sessions with Dandy Wellington and His Band, every Tuesday at the Daisy.
Live at the Archway is DUMBO's signature series: dynamic musical performances + spectacle opening acts + a pop-up art gallery + interactive art experiences, in a magical, only-in-DUMBO setting. Always free, all ages, + rain or shine.
With Dandy Wellington and His Band
The Speakeasy Sessions with Dandy Wellington and His Band, every Tuesday at the Daisy.
“Dandy Wellington present: THE SOUTH SEA SOIREE / A Night of Jazz, Burlesque & Seduction. With LIVE MUSIC BY: DANDY WELLINGTON AND HIS BAND + SIZZLING BURLESQUE.”
📷 Mirco Pasqualini
The Speakeasy Sessions with Dandy Wellington and His Band, every Tuesday at the Daisy.
The Uptown Swingout will be held on August 23-25th, 2019! Learn to Lindy Hop with Skye, Sylvia, Peter, Naomi & more at a NEW venue in a great new location!
“Dandy Wellington invites you to join his band in their best monthly residency, at NYC’s best kept secret, Bathtub Gin!! Provide your name and enter a beautiful parlor, where cocktails are crafted for a crowd of natty merrymakers. Tap your feet to the sweet symphonic sounds of Dandy Wellington and His Band.”
Ian Hutchison Band
White Heat (Chelsea)
9:30PM, details TBA
“White Heat band night is back from summer break! With Ian taking care of your live music needs and Yurina keeping your feet happy during band breaks, you’ll dance the night away.”
“Camp Hollywood is one of the largest and longest running swing dance camps in the world. Now in its 22nd year, we’re proud to offer the finest selection of international dance instructors, live music and competitors which provide a fun-filled long weekend with something for everyone! We offer classes in Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, and various swing line dances in levels from Beginner to Advanced Plus, a Follows Track, a Music Track, dance contests for all levels, after hours dancing, live music jams all over the hotel, and lots of spontaneous shenanigans!”
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