New Year’s Eve Worldwide Broadcast
Lindy Focus (streaming on demand)
From 12PM ET (5PM UTC), tickets required
Please note Gordon will be part of the virtual event only and not in person. “We are fast at work creating a one-of-a-kind showcase of the Swing art form for this very unique ticketed event. Dancers and musicians from all over the USA are creating world-debut recordings and choreography […] Since the classic Lindy Focus big band (led by Jonathan Stout) was not possible to do in person this year, we reached out to an enormous ensemble of our veteran players to assemble a dream team like no other. So far, we’ve confirmed Albert Alva, Gordon Au, Lucian Cobb, Josh Collazo, Chris Dawson, Michael Gamble, Noah Hocker, Haruka Kikuchi, Harvey Lockhart, Shaena Martin, Sean Mason, Mark Mauldin, Ken McGee, Renee McGee, Keenan McKenzie, Jonathan Stout, Anita Thomas, Laura Windley, Jim Ziegler, Jacob Zimmerman—and we’re not done yet, with several more musician additions expected soon!”
The Grand St. Stompers
Holiday Stomp at Chelsea Table + Stage (Chelsea)
9:30PM, $27 use code CYBER50 through Monday for 50% off!
The Grand St. Stompers, a band described by the NY Times as “a pillar of New York’s hot jazz scene,” present HOLIDAY STOMP, a celebration of the season. As music writer Michael Steinman describes it: “The Grand St. Stompers are creative joymakers. Their ensembles rock; their solos soar; the band can sound like the Louis Armstrong All-Stars then hint at Gil Evans or Forties Ellington. Sweet or tart vocals by Tamar Korn and Molly Ryan tie up the holiday package with a glossy bow. The music celebrates the season but it’s nothing like the formulaic seasonal blare. No Rudolph, no drummer boy—just pleasure, ingenuity, and sly humor.”

“Opening in 2021, Chelsea Table + Stage is New York's newest hotspot for intimate dining and music. Offering a wide variety of American-fare menu items, with curated wine + cocktails, audiences can experience some of the best touring performers in the world featured alongside local emerging artists. Chelsea Table + Stage opens the doors to hospitality, entertainment, and enjoyment every night, featuring state-of-the-art sound and lighting, a 10-seat in-theatre bar, lofted VIP mezzanine for private groups, and table seating for the perfect date night. The ever-changing menu and entertainment schedule means guests never have the same night twice. Chelsea Table + Stage is located at 152 West 26th Street, inside the Hilton New York Fashion District. Purchase tickets at @chelseatableandstage”
With Dave Ricketts, Gordon Au, Ari Munkres, and Marcus Milius. Proof of vaccination required.
“Has it been 4 years already?! It only feels like 11! NEXT SATURDAY, November 6th Haar and Co. Barbershop celebrates its anniversary with the biggest party we’ve ever thrown!!! Drop by 5pm-8:30pm! LIVE music by Dandy Wellington & His Band, plus food, drinks, dancing, fraternizing, & the usual spills, chills, & thrills you’ve come to enjoy at your favorite NYC Barbershop!!” Proof of vaccination required.
⬇︎ Past Recorded Events ⬇︎
Jared Engel’s New Angles
Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center (L.E.S.)
1–2:30PM, free (registration required)
Read/watch/listen: EXTRA HELPINGS OF JOY: JARED ENGEL’S NEW ANGLES (Part One) on Jazz Lives!
“Bassist/tubaist Jared Engel presents a 7-piece band, performing jazz standards from the 1920s and 30s, as well as some of Engel’s own music.” Proof of vaccination required.
Mona’s Hot Six
Mona’s (East Village)
9PM–12AM, no cover
Watch on Facebook or YouTube!
“Mona's Hot Four's weekly Tuesday night gig is the best-kept open secret in New York's thriving old-time jazz scene. Since June of 2007, the band (led by Dennis Lichtman) has hosted a late-night, trad-jazz jam session at Mona's bar in Manhattan's East Village from Tuesday night into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.”
📷 Aidan Grant
Mona’s Hot Four
Mona’s (East Village)
9PM–12AM, no cover
Watch on Facebook or YouTube!
“Mona's Hot Four's weekly Tuesday night gig is the best-kept open secret in New York's thriving old-time jazz scene. Since June of 2007, the band (led by Dennis Lichtman) has hosted a late-night, trad-jazz jam session at Mona's bar in Manhattan's East Village from Tuesday night into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.”
📷 Aidan Grant

“For Episode #3 of Scooch On Over, I spoke with master musician, Gordon Au. I'm honored I have been playing in his band, The Grand St Stompers for over a decade!”

I was honored to do this. Nick and I have played together and in each other’s bands for a long time, and it was no surprise we had a great discussion on approaches to learning music, thinking about balance, some nuggets of wisdom from Monk Institute masters, elephants, and more; plus we did some asynchronous bluesy jamming. Check it out!

See the concert on YouTube HERE! The preview song: Easter Parade (also available in 3D)

Check out this free one-hour virtual concert, part of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church’s 2nd Sunday Jazz series, featuring the trio of Gordon Au, Matt Koza, and Nick Russo!

Check out the Stompers’ CalBal music videos HERE!
“CalBal Live is a three-day celebration of Balboa and Southern California Swing dancing featuring seven unique topic tracks, three contests that anyone can enter, and 15+ hours of new music and entertainment from your favorite contemporary swing dance artists”— including FIVE new music videos by the Grand St. Stompers!
Gordon will also teach a musicality class on SUN 1/17, 11AM PST.
Mona’s Hot Four
Live From Mona’s (via Facebook Live and YouTube)
8:30–10PM EDT, free

“Mona’s livestream this Tuesday! Bar is open for business too, with limited capacity and proper distancing measures in place. With Dalton Ridenhour (piano), Gordon Au (trumpet), Rob Adkins (bass), and Dennis Lichtman (clarinet), plus the honorable Aidan Grant serving. or Venmo: @DennisLichtman. Thank you for tipping the band!!! We’re thrilled to be back at Mona’s every Tuesday—at an earlier hour than in pre-COVID times—and to re-connect with the Mona’s community in this way.”
📷 Aidan Grant
Gordon Au, Tamar Korn, & Albanie Falletta
San Diego Jazz Fest (via Facebook Live)
4-5 EDT, free

Now viewable on Facebook! “Join us Sunday 9/20 at 1PM PDT (4PM EDT, 8PM GMT) for some jazz and swing with Gordon Au, Tamar Korn, and Albanie Falletta!”
The Track Podcast
hosted by Ryan Swift
free to listen + download!

“Each month on The Track, join host Ryan Swift as he sits down for an in-depth & candid conversation with swing dancers, musicians, DJs, competitors, and instructors from the world of Lindy Hop. […] Gordon joined me on a video chat from across Brooklyn to talk about how he went from scientist to professional musician , what it’s like to play a gig with a musical idol, his opinion on cultural appropriation and historical context in jazz, and the importance of the arts in the time of a global pandemic. We also discussed what is special about playing for dancers, how learning to Lindy Hop has influenced his playing, and the level of research and preparation that he puts into each song in an effort to find the right balance between recreation and innovation.”
Gordon Au & Ricky Alexander
The Salon: Quarantine Speakeasy (via Zoom)
6:45-9:30PM EDT, free
Now viewable on YouTube! “To attend, register anytime (it’s free & easy!) → Please join us this Saturday for our All-Star variety show featuring some of our favorite performers from around the world streaming live from New York City into your own quarantine speakeasy!”
Rhythm Relief: the Swingtacular Show
Hosted by Nick Williams (via Facebook Live)
2–4PM EDT (6PM GMT), free / donations accepted

Video and soundtrack now available for download HERE! “Nick Williams, in partnership with the Pacific Swing Dance Foundation (PSDF), is throwing a spectacular live-stream swing show coming straight to your home. The purpose of the benefit show is to raise money for full-time swing dance instructors and full-time musicians who have been financially hit by Covid-19. The money raised in the show will compensate the performers for their time, and all additional funds raised will go to a fund for dancers and musicians. Any full-time dancer or musician will be able to apply for the funds we raise on the PSDF website (more details available at
View the event at!
Record of the Day featuring Gordon Au
Hosted by Jon Tigert (on YouTube)
Part 1:
Part 2:

“Welcome to Record of the Day Live with Jon Tigert.
Every week I will sit down with a musician, DJ, dancer or other jazz and swing enthusiast and we will listen to a record together!
Part one of my time with Gordon Au: Gordon is a brilliant trumpeter, bandleader, arranger and human from NYC.”
Join us as we listen to and discuss Struttin’: Louis Armstrong with Edmond Hall’s All-Stars, recorded in 1947 at Carnegie Hall.

“By Keenan McKenzie (ASCAP) ©2017
Remotely recorded in April/May 2020
Gordon Au (trumpet) • Lucian Cobb (trombone) • Chris Dawson (piano) • William Ledbetter (bass) • Keenan McKenzie (saxophone) • Peter Shilliday (utensils) • Jonathan Stout (guitar)
Originally recorded on Forged in Rhythm (2017) by Keenan McKenzie”
copyright © 2018–21 Gordonburi Music LLC